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PostHeaderIcon Cleaner and impregnator LINOFLOORWASH


Effective cleaning agent for concrete, granite, marble, slate, terrazzo, tiles & clinkers

Daily cleaning is extremely important not only for keeping the floor clean but also for the well-being of your personnel.

Lino Floorwash leaves no water marks. The surface becomes dirt- and water-repellent, which makes cleaning easier. Lino Floorwash prevents water-soluble dirt from being absorbed by the micropores of the surface. Lino Floorwash also prevents slipping.

Lino Floorwash is recommended for use on industrial floors, in workshops and in warehouses. It can also be used on floors with heavy lime precipitation.

In order to prolong the lifetime of a concrete floor, you should use only recommended maintenance materials. Avoid solvents and other aggressive chemicals.

For best results, your floors should be cleaned at regular intervals, and a scrubber dryer (scrubs and vaccums) is the most suitable equipment. A nylon scouring pad should be used during the initial period in order to remove lime deposits and building residue. We recommend black nylon scouring pad for the first two months, followed by red. (The colour determines the amount of abrasive agent). It is also possible to apply the material manually, but this is less efficient.

Consumption during continuous cleaning

2- 4 dl Lino Floorwash to 10 litres of water. Ten litres of water is sufficient for approximately 100 m2 (0.003 litre/m2).

Consumption for cleaning after building, before moving in

3 litres Lino Floorwash to 10 litres of water. Ten litres of water is sufficient for approximately 100 m2 (0.03 litre/m2).

The consumptions specified are only recommendations and can be modified depending on the quality of the floor. Heavy contamination during the building period is also a factor that affects the consumption.


Soap of selected fatty acids and dipropylene glycol methylic ether.

Transport and storage

Can be transported without heating, fully usable after thawing and stirring. Can be stored for 2 years if kept unopened above +2°C.